An Elegant Loft Wedding in Noblesville, IN

January 11, 2024

Lindsey and Jeremy had an elegant loft wedding at Milltop Banquet and Conference Center in Noblesville, Indiana.

They both met two years ago when they were separately visiting family friends in Ohio. Lindsey went to church with Jeremy’s family and one of the Sunday school teachers said he knew her parents and insisted I meet his son. She thought he was SUPER handsome and they started getting to know each other. However, she wasn’t sure if this was the right time to start a relationship so she ended up turning him down.

About a year later, Lindsey saw Jeremy again in Ohio, and quickly realized she hadn’t quite stopped thinking about him. She reached out, went on a couple dates, and the rest is history. You can view their engagement session here!

The Millers were the sweetest couple to work with! I loved all of their elegant touches to their wedding day. The florals, black bridesmaid dresses, cake, details, and HELLO, was Lindsey not the most beautiful bride!? An actual goddess. It was an honor to work with the lovely couple, their families, and the venue.

If you are looking for a Noblesville, IN wedding photographer, please reach out here, I’d love to work with you!